Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma forced to act when Arthur confronts her over the video

The youngster bravely confronts her over what he saw

It’s sort of the moment Emmerdale fans have been waiting for – Arthur Thomas finally watches the full video, with sound, of Emma Barton manipulating his father, Ashley.

But although the discovery is a welcome one to viewers who are ready for Emma to get her comeuppance, we can’t help but worry for young Arthur’s safety when he confronts her.

Emma pushed fiancé James Barton to his death off a motorway bridge last October and Ashley saw her up there afterwards.

She went to visit Ashley and used his dementia to manipulate him into remembering things differently. But she had no idea at the time everything was caught on Ashley’s video tape.

Viewers were horrified at Emma’s treatment of Ashley (Credit: ITV)

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Emma’s been keeping under the radar somewhat recently, especially since Faith Dingle almost found out her killer secret.

But young Arthur is struggling following his dad’s death and the only thing that seems to make him feel better is watching the videos Ashley made before he died.

He came close to watching the footage a few months ago, but the sound wasn’t on and he didn’t really know what he was watching at the time.

But when the lad sees mum Laurel Thomas taking painkillers, he starts to panic that she might be ill and worries he’ll lose both of his parents.

Laurel reassures him she’s fine, but to try to ease his fears, asks Nicola to take care of the kids should anything happen to her.

Arthur wants to watch some videos of his dad, but wasn’t expecting to see this (Credit: ITV)

Although it makes him feel a little better, Arthur wants to watch some more videos of his dad to cheer himself up.

But the one he chooses is the one where Emma is manipulating Ashley again.

He watches the whole video and is left very disturbed by what he sees.

He can’t believe it when he sees Emma upsetting Ashley (Credit: ITV)

To make matters worse, Emma then turns up at his house!

Knowing what she did to his dad, Arthur shouts at Emma and tells her she makes people cry, but will he tell her he’s seen the video? And how will she deal with him if he does?

Arthur tells Emma she makes people cry (Credit: ITV)

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Revealing all to Inside Soap, Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma, said: “Emma realises she’s in trouble.

“She’s at the Thomas house for innocent reasons. But Arthur is freaked out by her presence, and when he explains that he’s seen the video of her and Ashley, she’s very troubled and attempts to explain it all away.”

But Arthur’s a smart kid and chances are he won’t buy it, or at the very least will show the video to his mum. And surely Emma knows that…

“Emma does what she has to do!” adds Gillian. “She obviously would never think about hurting Arthur, but she feels dreadful about the fact that she knows the evidence has to be destroyed.”

As she sets about stealing the video tapes, will it be enough to protect her secret? And can she really live with taking poor Arthur’s last connection to his father away from him?