Emmerdale SPOILER: Chrissie meets her real dad?

Lawrence is acting shifty, is her paternity behind it?

Chrissie White comes a step closer to finding her biological father when she discovers Lawrence has been looking for a man called Tim in Emmerdale next week.

Chrissie and Rebecca confront Lawrence (credit: ITV)

Chrissie discovers that Lawrence has been paying a man called Dean. She wins him over and learns that Lawrence has hired him to find this Tim person.

It’s not long before the mystery of her real dad resurfaces and it leaves her reeling.

Louise Marwood, who plays Chrissie, told “She thinks that by finding her biological dad she will get some resolution about where she came from and what’s at her very core.

“It’s an unanswered question at her very heart and she just needs answers.

“Chrissie doesn’t fully trust Dean although she knows he is reliable so long as she crosses his palm with silver. She knows that type well and how to make them work for her.

Chrissie wants the truth (credit: ITV)

“When he reveals he’s been asked to track down someone called Tim Richards though, she doesn’t recognise the name at all.”

Chrissie and Rebecca both confront Lawrence, who initially denies knowing anything. But he soon admits that Tim is Chrissie’s uncle and says he was trying to protect her from the truth.

It turns out that Lawrence is lying and has been keeping a major secret from Chrissie. Louise went on to say: “She thinks he has her best interests at heart.

“She’s got no reason to believe he hasn’t told her the whole truth but the audience knows that Lawrence hasn’t been telling the truth.

Lawrence is still keeping a big secret from Chrissie (credit: ITV)

“It’s always been there for Chrissie to get to the bottom of her family tree. She’s had the need to find out who her biological dad was since she discovered it wasn’t Lawrence so it’s lovely to play it out and reach the truth.”

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