Emmerdale SPOILER: Chas’s discovery about Faith changes EVERYTHING

What does she find out?

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle isn’t going to be winning any mother of the year awards any time soon.

But as she and daughter Chas have a heart to heart, a shock revelation begins a slight thawing in their relationship.

Debbie Dingle is determined to get the pair talking. She’s always been close to Chas (despite that slight hiccup where Chas stole her fella, but that’s all-but forgotten now), and she’s taken to Faith after the widow donated her inheritance from her late husband to Sarah’s cancer fund.

And she just wants everyone to get along, so she engineers a meeting for Faith and Chas at Moira’s place.

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As they’re left alone to talk, Chas certainly doesn’t hold back as she confronts her mother about her failings.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, and Sally Dexter, Faith, revealed how their talk goes.

“Things definitely aren’t good for them!” said Lucy.

“They’re at loggerheads and Chas is determined that she isn’t going to make up with Faith because she is convinced that she doesn’t need her mother in her life.

“She would much rather Faith just went back to wherever she came from and isn’t keen on her being in the village, wheedling her way back into the family.”

She then added: “I definitely don’t think she’d be at all bothered if Faith got the next bus out of the village!”

It’s fair to say relations are pretty bad then?!

But as they sit down together and an argument breaks out, Faith saying something that stops Chas in her tracks.

Sally reveals: “But then Chas discovers something about Faith that alters the whole situation again and it’s all quite serious but we can’t tell you anything more than that for now…”

What could it be? And will it lead to a reconciliation between mother and daughter before Chas heads off to Ireland?

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Lucy is expecting twins and she’s off on maternity leave soon. She ends up taking Aaron’s sister Liv Flaherty to Ireland to visit her mother, who’s had a serious accident.

But will the incident, plus the shock new information, make Chas more open to making up with her own mum?