Emmerdale SPOILER: Cain takes revenge on Harriet

Never cross Cain Dingle

Harriet Finch and Cain Dingle’s passion might be about to come to an abrupt end now he’s been arrested.

But we know Cain of old, and he won’t let a grass go unpunished. What revenge does he have in store for Harriet?

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Harriet’s been struggling lately, dealing with her ex and good friend Ashley Thomas’s dementia diagnosis and subsequent death from pneumonia.

When she caught Cain stashing stolen mobile phones in the church, she was furious, but somehow her anger led to the pair of them kissing!

In Thursday’s episodes Harriet found presiding over Ashley’s funeral difficult. She stumbled over her words and was angry with herself for messing things up.

But her emotions finally spilled over when she caught Cain hiding more nicked phones in the church during her Good Friday service – the cheek of him!

He seemed unfazed by her fury and moved into kiss her again. But she was so mad and upset over everything that has gone on, she ended up calling the police on him.

When they arrived to arrest him, it was clear that Cain wasn’t impressed his love interest had dobbed him in.

After spending a night in the cells, an angry Cain returns and goes straight to see Harriet.

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He tells her if he’s going down so is she and makes it clear he’s implicated her in all of his crimes.

As she panics and insists she’ll just go to the police to hand herself in before they can come and arrest her, Cain finds the whole thing very amusing.

But did he really tell the cops she was in on it all? Or is he just winding her up?

And is there likely to be more passion in the future for these two?

Show boss Iain MacLeod has already stated that ex-wife Moira is “the love of Cain’s life”, so is Harriet just a distraction? Or will he settle for her if he can’t get Moira back?