Emmerdale SPOILER: Aaron to be released?

Get him out before it's too late

There’s an emotional rollercoaster in store for Robron fans next week, as it looks like there could be good news about Aaron’s appeal but bad news about Robert’s betrayal.

Things have been brutally tough for Aaron in prison, as he’s been suffering homophobic abuse and violence, and has turned to drugs to help him cope.

On the outside, Robert hasn’t been finding things all that much easier.

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With Liv playing up, and worried for Aaron’s safety inside, he’s barely able to hold it together until his husband gets out. It’s going to be a looooong year.

So when news comes through that Aaron might be able to appeal against his sentence and get an early release, for the first time it looks like there could be a glimmer of hope.

Chas and Robert go to visit him in jail to deliver the news, but his mum is left shocked and upset when she sees what a terrible state he is in.

Robert had already seen it for himself, and definitely didn’t react well to seeing his husband in that condition.

Feeling helpless and devastated, he went home from his prison visit and got drunk, smashed up his room and called Rebecca round for moral support – then drunkenly made a move on her.

That was a big mistake, but Robert is devoted to Aaron, so hopefully it’s one he won’t make again – no matter how low he gets.

Back in the prison visiting room, Aaron swears to them both that he is off the drugs.

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Hearing his husband’s heartfelt words gives Robert an attack of the guilts.

Realising that he needs to be truthful too, he decides there and then to tell his banged-up other half about his infidelity with Rebecca.

But can Robert really heap yet more bad news on Aaron while he is so vulnerable?

And if he does go through with it, how will Aaron cope – and what will it mean for their relationship?