Emmerdale SPOILER: Aaron takes drastic action after Robert betrayal

Looks like there's another setback for Emmerdale's favourite ship

Danny Miller has spoken out about what discovering the truth about husband Robert Sugden’s fling with Rebecca White could do to his character, Aaron Dingle.

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Emmerdale viewers will already know that Robert broke the hearts of the Robron army earlier this year when he had a drunken hook-up with old flame, Rebecca White.

Now Bex is preggers and believes Robert is the dad – something Rob has (so far) managed to keep hidden from Aaron.

But a guilt-riddled Robert is set to ‘fess up to his fling next week, sending Aaron into a downward spiral.

Speaking to, Danny said of Aaron’s reaction: “As much as he probably would want to do something that’ll get him in trouble, he’s always self-loathed, he’s always self-harmed and that’s the way he deals with it.

“So I think that’s quite interesting that they’ve put it back in there but we don’t see what happens but the history tells us that he’s going to turn to that to deal with it, so we’ll see how that unfolds.”

Danny also went on to say that Aaron would really struggle to trust Robert again after this latest betrayal.

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He added: “Gordon took his trust and broke it and that’s where it’s all come from. And Chas did as well when she kicked him out when she was younger.

“So trust is a big thing and Robert’s broken that trust so I suppose it’ll always be there.

“It’ll be interesting to see how that will turn out but there are definitely trust issues- there always has been with Robert. But he’s just made it worse!”