Emmerdale SPOILER: Aaron goes to extreme lengths to cope with Rebecca and Robert

He makes out like he's coping, but in reality, he really isn't

Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle is trying very hard to put a brave face on his current situation with husband Robert Sugden, but as time ticks on, it’s proving more and more difficult.

It’s not long before Aaron’s falling into old habits to deal with everything that’s going on. Can Robert help him through this?

Robert had a one-night stand with Rebecca White while Aaron was in prison, which has resulted in Rebecca’s pregnancy.

Aaron is not coping (Credit: ITV)

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Despite Aaron forgiving Robert and Rob insisting he wants nothing to do with the baby, that doesn’t sit comfortably with Aaron, who thinks his husband should be involved with his child.

Things are strained between the boys when Robert produces a wad of cash that Aaron didn’t know he had.

Aaron’s furious that Robert’s kept yet another secret from him and tells him he’s not interested in the money and suggests he burn it.

Desperate to prove his loyalty, Robert does just that – much to Aaron’s horror. Maybe this is a lesson not to call someone’s bluff, Mr Dingle!

The boys manage to get the notes back, but as they head into town to bank it, they come across Rebecca, who has broken down on the outskirts of the village. It’s awkward, especially when she reveals she’s on her way to a baby scan.

Rebecca’s everywhere the boys go (Credit: ITV)

Robert wants to keep going, but Aaron insists they help, and then Aaron tell Robert to take Rebecca to the hospital while he walks home.

With the future staring him in the face – the baby always being there and causing problems for him and Robert, Aaron is desperate to block out his problems, so calls Ethan, who gave him drugs in prison.

Jason wants to teach Aaron another lesson (Credit: ITV)

Ethan turns up with the spice as requested, but he’s also got Aaron’s enemy from jail, Jason, in tow.

A fight breaks out (Credit: ITV)

Jason wants to show Aaron he’s still the boss even on the outside and it’s not long before a fight breaks out, leaving Aaron on the floor.

Jason gets the upper hand again (Credit: ITV)

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By the time Robert gets home, there’s no sign of Jason or Ethan and Aaron’s thankfully decided spice isn’t the answer to his problems. So what is?

“There’s another way he deals with stress,” Danny Miller told Inside Soap. “Self-harming. That way he can hide his pain and loathing for himself.”

Taking a knife to his own skin, Aaron relieves his pain, but when Robert realises what’s going on, how will he react?

Can these two work it out? Will Robert be able to convince Aaron once and for all he can be trusted – and help his husband stop hurting himself to cope?