Emmerdale: Is Rebecca lying about her pregnancy?

She's back, but is she hiding another big secret?

Emmerdale fans are now convinced there’s something sinister going on with Rebecca White’s pregnancy.

Is it really Robert Sugden’s baby? Has she had a secret abortion? Was she ever really even pregnant at all?

Last night saw the return of Rebecca after she fled the village a few weeks ago following a supposed miscarriage scare.

Victoria was overexcited to see her friend return (Credit: ITV)

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Victoria Barton was thrilled to see her friend return and quickly sat her down for a catch up.

As Rebecca confessed she’d been ‘sofa surfing’ around the homes of various acquaintances, Victoria exclaimed how awful that was given that she was pregnant.

“You are still having a baby?” she asked tentatively, worried Rebecca may have terminated her pregnancy while she’d been away.

Rebecca didn’t look completely comfortable as she confirmed that she was and told Vic how it was messing with her head.

Rebecca confessed she’s struggling with her pregnancy (Credit: ITV)

“People either desperately want me to have the baby or desperately want me not to,” she moaned as Victoria, eager to be an aunt, looked at her with desperate eyes.

Rebecca then revealed she wasn’t sticking around and she was moving to Melbourne at the end of the week.

Victoria wasn’t having that and managed to quickly change her mate’s mind, and convinced Rebecca to move in with her.

Chrissie and Lawrence were happy to have her home (Credit: ITV)

As Rebecca broke the news to Lawrence and Chrissie, Aaron and Robert looked on, worried about what her return will mean.

But viewers just aren’t convinced there’s anything for them to be concerned about. We’ve never seen Rebecca at a doctor’s appointment and she didn’t have a scan when she was taken in with stomach pains.

Something fishy is definitely going on and social media is awash with theories.

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One person, @BambinoJade8. even went so far as to write out a whole “list of reasons” why they think Rebecca isn’t pregnant!

They’ve got some fair points, no?

There’s got to be another twist to this story, we’re sure of it.

Rebecca’s already pretty heavily disliked by the audience, if she’s lying about having Robert’s baby just to mess with his and Aaron’s relationship, we think she’ll be chased out of town by a Robron army lynch mob!