Emmerdale: Was Holly Barton MURDERED?

Eagle-eyed viewers suspect foul play...

ITV soap Emmerdale sprung a surprise on its viewers with the sudden death of Holly Barton (Sophie Powles).

The 25-year-old had battled drug addiction for years but it seemed that, on her return to the Yorkshire Dales soap, she was slowly piecing her life together.

Holly had managed to land work as a wedding photographer and it seemed that her inner demons were not going to have their day.

Getting together with recovering drug addict Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson), may have been a decision she ultimately regrets, especially seeing that most of his relationships have ended with his other half in grave peril.

With foil blowing across the floor from the wind coming through an open window, it was a heavy hint towards a drug overdose.

Holly’s mother Moira, played by Natalie J. Robb, was devastated after she discovered her daughter and the scenes sent viewers reaching for tissues at the raw emotion of the situation.

While the police seem to be happy to jump to the conclusion that Holly had died from an overdose, there were some that didn’t buy this conclusion.

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas, who plays Holly’s brother Adam Barton in the soap, tweeted a tease about what happens next and viewers began calling ‘murder most foul’.

The clue is in the open window apparently. It seems that the amount of screen time that it got, led viewers to believe that there must be something in it.

Holly’s new boyfriend, Jai, could find himself explaining their relationship to the authorities while others think that her dealer, Dean, has a lot to answer for.

There was a heap of praise for Natalie J. Robb’s portrayal of Moira’s grief.

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was one of many that tweeted that they had to check in on their offspring after the emotional scenes.

Fellow Emmerdale cast members were also quick to praise Natalie’s acting, after one of the most dramatic storylines of this soap year unfolded.

Whether it was a drug overdose or something more sinister, what is for certain is Holly’s death will go down in Emmerdale history and this is just the start of a whole lot more revelations in the Yorkshire village.