Emmerdale fans love Chrissie’s new look, but slate her parenting

Celebrated and hated in equal measure

Lachlan White returned to Emmerdale last night after serving five months in prison for shooting his grandfather, Lawrence.

But it wasn’t the homecoming mum Chrissie had planned as it turned out her little boy wasn’t so sweet and innocent anymore (er, if he ever was!)

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We haven’t seen much of Chrissie since Lachlan’s been inside, but her return to screens had viewers lapping up her new look. She’d ditched the fringe and the power dressing, and gone for a much more casual style.

Expressing their approval on Twitter, fans said she was “gorgeous”.

But there was something far more worrying bothering most social media users.

Lachlan made it very clear he wasn’t going to forgive or forget after he was the one who ended up taking the punishment for all the lies Chrissie forced them to tell when she tried to frame Andy Sugden for Lawrence’s shooting.

A guilty Chrissie decided to try to make amends with her son and bought him a very lavish welcome home present – a Porsche!

“It took all my savings,” she told him as she handed him the key. “But it will be worth it to make you happy.”

Fans were outraged at the present.

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And to top it all off, Lachlan wasn’t even grateful for the gift. He seemed distinctly unfazed by it and later told his mum and granddad he was going to use it to look for a job and a flat away from them.

Chrissie told him she had hoped he would move in with her, but he replied:

“Why would I live with you?

“I managed without you in prison.” Harsh.

With reports suggesting Lachlan is set to turn serial killer, offing Lawrence for real this time, it looks like Chrissie’s parenting technique isn’t the right way to go about things at all.

But will she realise she needs to stop spoiling him before it’s too late?