Emmerdale fans horrified as Pierce concocts huge lie when he’s arrested

And Paddy and Marlon believed him

Last night’s Emmerdale saw the return of evil Pierce Harris, ready to inflict more pain on estranged wife Rhona.

But Rhona wasn’t having any more of his manipulation and she took the brave step of reporting him to the police.

Earlier in the episode, Rhona had ranted at Paddy, telling him everything was his fault, so Paddy decided to do something about it and went to bring Pierce home.

Rhona lost her temper when Paddy and Marlon refused to let her spend time with Leo (Credit: ITV)

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He insisted Rhona needed him, even though Pierce wasn’t convinced at first.

Back in the village, as Rhona tested herself to see if she was strong enough to resist the medicine cabinet, she realised she was and decided it was time to move back home and banish all memories of Pierce from her life.

Rhona was stunned to see a brazen Pierce standing in her kitchen (Credit: ITV)

Easier said than done because minutes later Pierce walked into the house as if nothing had ever happened.

“I heard you were in trouble, how could I stay away?” he asked cool as a cucumber.

While our blood was boiling at his brazenness, Rhona’s ran cold with terror as she told him to leave. He didn’t go at first, and told her he knew all about her drug addiction and he was there to help and together they’d “move forward”.

Pierce tried to act like nothing had happened (Credit: ITV)

He was in complete denial about the fact he’d done anything to her, insisting they just needed time apart, and there was no reason to be scared of him because he’d never hurt her.

The man is seriously deluded.

Fortunately, Vanessa burst in and stood up to Pierce, getting Rhona out of there and calling him a rapist on the way out.

Realising he couldn’t just brush it under the carpet and pretend it had never happened, Pierce knew he had to do some damage limitation and immediately got on the phone to Paddy asking him to meet up.

Marlon and Paddy hung on Pierces every lie (Credit: ITV)

Later in the pub, in a little clique with Marlon and Paddy, Pierce told lie after lie that Rhona was back on the drugs before they got married and that’s what had split them up, and idiotic Paddy and Marlon hung on every word.

But while he was lying, Rhona was at the police station completing her interview and naming Pierce as her attacker – yay!

Rhona bravely named Pierce as her attacker (Credit: ITV)

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Rhona was brave and strong as she told the police exactly what had happened the night of her wedding – and who had done it to her.

As the cops arrived to arrest Pierce, Paddy and Marlon leapt to his defence and laid into Rhona for reporting him to the police. She was distraught as she revealed to them he had raped her.

Rhona eventually confessed everything to Paddy and Marlon (Credit: ITV)

Paddy and Marlon looked shocked, but does that mean they’ll now believe her?

Viewers were horrified at Pierce’s lies, expressing just how much they hated him on Twitter.

But many were even more horrified at Paddy and Marlon’s complete stupidity.

After spending months against Pierce and not wanting Rhona to marry him, the pair, who are supposed to be Rhona’s closest friends, were very quick to believe every word Pierce said.

If Pierce can convince Rhona’s closest allies he’s the victim here, what does that mean for the police? Will he manage to paint Rhona in a bad light to the cops and get off?

And what will Rhona do if he’s allowed to swan back into her life without being punished?