Emmerdale fans hit out at Laurel for sticking her nose in

She took it upon herself to confront Cain

Laurel Thomas has reaped nothing but praise from Emmerdale viewers this year as she struggled with her husband Ashley’s dementia and then death.

But now she’s started interfering in Harriet Finch’s relationship with Cain Dingle, fans are telling her to keep out of it.

Laurel wanted to make sure Harriet was OK (Creidt: ITV)

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Cain and Harriet – or Charriet – already have viewers divided. Many love them together, but others are still hankering after a reunion for Cain and his estranged wife Moira.

So far, the vicar and her bit of rough have been keeping their hook ups a secret, but Laurel caught them at it in the church and decided she just had to say something.

“It’s probably none of my business but I saw you and Cain at the church yesterday. Together,” she said as she brought the subject up with Harriet.

A cup of tea soothes everything (Credit: ITV)

As the pair shared a cuppa, Harriet insisted she knew it was crazy, but Cain did have a softer side.

“You’re right, you do sound crazy,” replied Laurel. “This is Cain Dingle. He’s a criminal.”

“Mmm, but a gorgeous one,” Harriet tried to lighten the mood. She insisted she’d heard all the stories and knew she was being an idiot, but she really fancies him. She then told Laurel she was aware it was “just a bit of fun”, but Laurel was still concerned it sounded more serious to her.

Harriet confided in Laurel how hard she was finding things (Credit: ITV)

But Harriet confided how it made her feel something rather than feeling numb all the time following Ashley’s death and she intended to make the most of feeling good again.

As Harriet headed off to talk of a proper date with Cain, Laurel was still worried.

Laurel confronted Cain (Credit: ITV)

So she decided to take it upon herself to lecture Cain about his behaviour towards Harriet, telling him she didn’t want to see her friend get hurt.

Cain told her she was “sticking her nose in” and wanted to know why she was interrogating him. He even suggested Laurel was jealous of them, and told her stay out of it.

Cain told her to keep her beak out (Credit: ITV)

And it seemed viewers at home were in agreement with Cain, venting their frustration at her interference on Twitter.

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Will Laurel’s meddling cause Cain to ditch Harriet? Or are they stronger than that?

Does he really care about her? Or is this just a bit of fun to him?