Emmerdale fans heartbroken as popular couple split up

Can they ever repair their relationship?

Emmerdale viewers were distraught last night as Victoria Barton ended her marriage to Adam after finding out about his kiss with Vanessa Woodfield.

It was evil Emma Barton’s fault as she left a note telling Victoria everything – what a nasty piece of work!

Victoria and Adam have been loved up since they got back together (Credit: ITV)

Victoria and Adam have had a rocky few weeks after discovering he was infertile.

He immediately ended their marriage, wanting to give her the chance to have kids with someone else, leaving her heartbroken.

As he went off the rails, drinking and lashing out, the pair eventually talked and decided to give things another go, even looking into adoption.

They’ve been really loved up ever since, with overly affectionate displays in public and generally being all sweet and gooey with their love.

Victoria was confused when she read the note (Credit: ITV)

When Victoria found the note, she called her husband home and shoved it in his hands, asking for an explanation.

He couldn’t quite deny it and that was all the proof Vic needed. She stormed off and told him to leave her alone.

Adam was too slow to explain himself (Credit: ITV)

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Of course he followed her, telling her it wasn’t true, but she already knew it was. And it was confirmed by the look Vanessa gave Adam when she appeared on the street moments later.

Victoria stormed off as Adam begged for another chance (Credit: ITV)

“It was just a stupid kiss,” Vanessa insisted. “It meant nothing, he loves you.”

“She told me to do one,” Adam added, getting himself in even more bother as Victoria couldn’t believe that Vanessa had been the one to put a stop to it rather than Adam himself.

Vanessa fought Adam’s corner, but it didn’t help (Credit: ITV)

“If you want him, he’s yours,” Victoria told Vanessa. Turning to Adam, she said: “You have broken my heart for the last time. We’re done.”

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Victoria ended their marriage (Credit: ITV)

He caught up with her later begging her to forgive him, but she tearfully couldn’t agree to take him back. Asking him why she’s not enough for him.

She made it very clear they were over because she just couldn’t cope with him any more, despite the fact he insisted he wasn’t giving up on them, but it seems Victoria thinks there’s no going back.

Vic just couldn’t find the strength to give Adam another chance (Credit: ITV)

As Adam lashed out blaming Moira, it wasn’t long before Emma was revealed as the culprit, though she claimed to have done it in God’s name.

Fans were devastated that one of their favourite couples had finished, venting their upset on Twitter.

With Adam determined to win her back, let’s hope Victoria can find it in her to forgive him for yet another huge mistake so the heartbreak is only temporary.