Emmerdale fans FURIOUS as Emma gets away with it again

They thought she'd been caught out

Emmerdale’s Emma Barton appears to have got away with murder again after it was revealed Faith Dingle DOESN’T know she killed James.

Fans had been ecstatic after Thursday’s double bill in which Faith appeared to hear Emma in the church confessing to murdering her other half.

But it turns out Faith only heard Emma call her “the devil” and a “parasite” and still thinks James committed suicide.

It had started off looking promising for everyone who wants Emma to get caught out.

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Faith paid her a visit in hospital where she told her she’d keep her secret in exchange for £10,000. Emma hurriedly agreed to find the funds and shut Faith up.

But as Faith rummaged around in her handbag, a bottle of pills fell out, and Emma realised she had a bargaining chip.

Telling Faith she wouldn’t reveal to her family she has an addiction, the two eventually reached stalemate and agreed to keep the other’s secret.

As Emma realised Faith didn’t actually know all that much anyway, relief washed over her. But with Faith on the case, can the unstable Barton keep it together for long?

Fans are fuming that the story turned out the way it did, as most were hoping Faith would bring Emma down.

Expressing their annoyance on Twitter, they didn’t hold back!

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Show boss Iain McLeod has already said he loves Emma and wants to keep her around for as long as possible. But there’s got to be a confrontation between her and her sons at some point – surely?!

Will Emma have to go to prison for her crimes eventually? And how long will we have to wait for her to really get her comeuppance?