Emmerdale: Emma to kill Laurel to protect her murderous secret?

The net is closing in on the unhinged nurse

We all know Emma Barton is capable of murder – even if the villagers of Emmerdale don’t.

So it’s not out of the realms of possibility that she might kill again if pushed.

And by pushed we mean, oh, say, someone twigging that she bumped off James and her needing to shut them up.

The nurse can’t have her precious boys knowing what she did to their father.

So, we are worried for Laurel’s safety next week, when she catches Emma trying to cover her nefarious tracks.

Avid fans will know that young Arthur has now watched the video of her manipulating confused Ashley about his memories of that fateful day on the bridge.

Now she has to worm her way around him to convince him he’s misunderstood what he saw. Well, she can’t kill a kid, can she? (Can she?!)

Emma searches for the video file (Credit: ITV)

First things first, she needs to destroy the footage – which is on a laptop in Mulberry Cottage.

The conniving killer suggests to Laurel they go for a walk together, but once out she feigns a headache and heads back to the village alone – and into the cottage…

Oops. Caught in the act (Credit: ITV)

But, guess what, she struggles to find the incriminating file.

And, before she can destroy the footage, she is interrupted by Laurel returning from her walk – and catching Emma inexplicably in her house, rooting around.

Laurel’s worried by Emma’s behaviour (credit: ITV)

Laurel is bemused by her behaviour. Emma, meanwhile is worried that she has made Laurel suspicious.


Laurel confides in Harriett about Emma’s frankly bizarre behaviour.

Meantime, Emma still has the small issue of that video footage, so she busies herself setting a trap for Arthur to keep him quiet.

Emma has a nasty plan for little Arthur (credit: ITV)

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But that kind of backfires too, as the young lad starts to wet the bed.

This just makes Laurel all the more alert to her son being very troubled indeed. And, like any worried mum, she starts to look around for what could be the cause.

Already suspicious of Emma, will she start to unravel the psychotic truth of the nurse – and could that cost her life?

Gillian Kearney – who plays the troubled mother – is set to leave the soap. What an explosive storyline it would be if she took an Emmerdale favourite with her!

(Although, obviously, we don’t really want Laurel to go!)