Emmerdale boss reveals FIVE huge storylines that will change the village forever this autumn

The whole cast are set to be affected!

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There are a couple of massive Emmerdale storylines we are excitedly watching as they hurtle towards their climax – Pierce and Emma’s comeuppance.

Emmerdale’s Iain (Credit: Facebook)

But now the soap’s showrunner Iain Macleod has teased the beginning of FIVE epic plots.

And it’s set to be an autumn of high drama.

The producer teased: “There’s a really massive surprise coming in October something that even the character it happens to hasn’t seen coming and it will just tilt the whole Emmerdale universe on its axis slightly.”

The village will never be the same again (Credit: ITV)

Er… HELLO???!!! This is massive. (And we just love how forthcoming he is about his plans for the soap!)

Although… this hint is so vague it’d be a bit pointless to start speculating who it could involve…

Iain also let slip: “We’ve got a new arrival, it’s not a Dingle actually but it is connected to the Dingle family in a way that I think people will find really interesting.

“He’s going to be sexy and dangerous and one of our characters stands to get her heart trampled on which I think will be really exciting as well.”

One of the Dingles is headed for heartbreak (Credit: ITV)

Hmmm… a Dingle… a sexy man… a trampled heart…

Well, it could be a new love interest for any of them, but we are really hoping it won’t be for Debbie or Chas. They’ve had their hearts broken way too many times already.

In fact the only Dingle we don’t mind getting an emotional bruising is Charity – hey, she gives it out enough!

And there’s more gossip, as Ian continued…

“There’s a big change to one of our famous sets in terms of who rules the roost in it.

“There’s a bit of a power struggle that will result in a bit of a changing of the guard in one of our key sets, I can’t say more than that.

“It’s massively exciting, I can’t wait.”

So, we reckon we have figured this one out, or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.

It’s common knowledge that Lawrence is being written out of the show… so surely this relates to Home Farm?

Lawrence is leaving (Credit: ITV)

And there’s more…

Ian added: “There’s a couple of characters that are going to get a massive shock, and running into the new year we’re going to tell a really serious issue led story that’s going to be heartbreaking and truthful and really relatable to the audience.

“There’s something big going off for Aaron and Liv as well, there’s a big story for her.”

Oh, this is TOO much. We don’t want to wish away our summer but, seriously… hurry here October!