Emmerdale baby SPOILER: Robert and Aaron set to become dads

Robron playing happy families - we can't wait!

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Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are set to become parents!

Well, maybe.

Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod took over Emmerdale’s official Twitter to answer viewers’ questions and spilled the rather exciting Robron gossip.

When asked if the couple will have children, he responded:

“I see no reason why not. Aaron bottle feeding a baby would be cute as heck.”


The boys are one of the cutest couples in the Dales and parents would be a great next step once they’re wed.

They already look after Aaron’s little sister, Liv, and after a bumpy start, that seems to be going okay, so why not add a baby into the mix?

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Fans of Robron were pretty excited by the news and actor Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, also thinks they’d make great dads. When quizzed on the matter, he recently told Digital Spy:

“Possibly, yeah! I think it would maybe happen a little bit later on down the line, though,

“I think if you’re going to adopt a child or bring a child into a relationship – regardless of sexuality – you need to be in a position where you’re calm and peaceful.

“So maybe not right now, but when the issues are sorted over who Robert is, who Aaron is, and who Robert and Aaron are together, then maybe.”

So, in Soapland terms that means in a few months, right?

With their wedding just around the corner, it looks like the lads will get their happy-ever-after – that is if Aaron doesn’t end up in prison for Kasim’s assault.

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He was arrested last week, but with Robert standing by him, and a recent teaser Tweet from Ryan Hawley (Robert) about their wedding, we think everything will work out just fine for the boys – for now at least.

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