Emmerdale airs shock stabbing scene after Ross versus Robert gets out of control

The victim was an innocent bystander

The feud between Robert Sugden and Ross Barton went way too far last night when vicar Harriet Finch was caught up in the drama and ended up getting stabbed.

It all started when Ross tried to blackmail Robert over sleeping with Rebecca and fathering her baby.

Although the secret is now out in the open, Robert wanted to show he wasn’t to be messed with so stole Ross’s taxi and had it crushed.

Ross couldn’t believe Robert had destroyed his livelihood (Credit: ITV)

Ross was a little distracted by the fact he and brother Finn needed to do a deal for the cannabis they found, but had no car to deliver it. When mum Emma’s car didn’t start, they stole Robert’s instead.

But when they arrived to collect their stash, they discovered Robert had stolen it.

Heading off to meet Robert and get it back, Ross left Finn all alone – and that’s when the drug dealers came back and pinned Finn against a wall, threatening him for their gear.

The drug dealers meant business with Finn (Credit: ITV)

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Over in the field, Robert was ready to crush all of Ross’s plants in a grinder and Ross was desperately trying to persuade him not to.

It was Finn who was in real danger as the dealers threatened him with the baseball bat, but as he desperately tried to contact Ross to get the drugs back, Robert had put them through the wood chipper and turned them to dust.

Nice one, Robert (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Harriet found her minibus was still being repaired by Cain, so he offered her Emma’s car, which he’d just repaired, instead. Emma agreed it was fine and Harriet drove off.

But Finn had told the dealers the drugs were in that car and they soon began following.

As Harriet was forced to stop at some temporary traffic lights, the dealers rammed into her car, forcing her to get out.

Harriet was suspicious of the guy who bashed into her (Credit: ITV)

At first, the guy seemed genuinely sorry as he gave her £200 for the repairs and asked to leave it there. She agreed, but then he menacingly started saying they needed to check in the boot for internal damage.

Ex-copper Harriet knew he was up to no good though, and when he suggested she was using her vicar’s outfit as a disguise for a drug deal, Harriet stood her ground.

Harriet fought back (Credit: ITV)

As he tried to grab her, the guy was stunned by her strength as she fought back.

Finn was powerless to help her, and as she continued to hold him back, the dealer demanded she stop struggling, but when it became clear he couldn’t overpower her, he stabbed her instead.

Harriet clutched her stomach as blood poured out (Credit: ITV)

While the dealers sped off, Finn rushed to Harriet’s aid as she fell into unconsciousness on the ground.

The vicar lay unconscious on the ground – will she survive?

Viewers, who had known someone would be stabbed, were stunned when they found out it was Harriet given she had nothing to do with the Robert/Ross storyline before last night.

Some were even hoping it would be Emma who was in the firing line.

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Is this the end of Harriet? Is she going to die?

Or will she survive and the whole incident make Cain realise how he really feels about her, forcing him to make their romance public? And what does that mean for him and Moira?