EastEnders write Adam Woodyatt’s weight loss into plot

The star's incredible transformation will be shown on screen

Last month EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt stunned viewers when he appeared on The One Show looking noticeably slimmer.

And now the soap have written in a storyline which sees Ian Beale join a weight loss club to explain the character’s newly slim physique.

Ian goes to a weight loss club (Credit: BBC)

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So far on screen, Ian’s wife Jane has been trying everything she can think of to get her husband to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

A series of tests at the doctors had shown Ian was heading towards a diabetes diagnosis, so the doc urged him to change his ways or face injecting insulin every day.

Jane is determined to help Ian change his lifestyle (Credit: BBC)

When Ian told his family, he seemed determined to put things right, but so far he’s done little by way of actually doing anything.

Jane bought him a fitness watch to measure how many calories he’s burning a day, but he ended up finding all sorts of cheats and tricks to con her into believing he was more active than he actually was.

He’s refused to exercise so Jane suggests slimming club (Credit: BBC)

He’s also refused to do any of the exercise-led activities that Jane has tried to get him involved with.

All this has left viewers wondering exactly how the soap would explain Ian’s new look.

It’s Jane who steps in again with another suggestion to get him motivated. She suggests that he joins a slimming club – an idea which doesn’t appeal to him at all.

Ian isn’t keen on going at first (Credit: BBC)

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However, he does eventually agree to go along to one meeting and when he meets some of his fellow slimmers, he’s so inspired, he ends up going for a run once he gets home.

The family are shocked that he’s finally taking this seriously, and we’re sure it won’t be long before it starts to pay off.

When he meets some fellow slimmers something changes (Credit: BBC)

In real life, Adam lost the weight when he started training for the London Marathon. He ran the 26.2 miles alongside his 18-year-old son, Sam, in aid of the Air Ambulance Service.

Sam was left fighting for his life after a horrific road accident last year and was flown to hospital by the service.