EastEnders viewers appalled by Steven’s “sick” and “disgusting” ploy to stop Lauren leaving him

Will she now stay in Walford?

Viewers of EastEnders have been left disgusted after tonight’s episode, as psychotic Steven lied to Lauren about having cancer.

He caught up with his girlfriend as she was planning to leave him to be with his brother – and her ex – Peter in New Zealand.

When she saw his bleeding head, he told her that he had been trying to get “it” out.

Lauren asked what he meant and he replied a brain tumor, telling her he had cancer.

Twitter was ablaze with disgust.


Earlier today we revealed how viewers were convinced that Steven would KILL Lauren.

He has been slowly losing his mind.

Worried that she has been cheating on him with her boss Josh, he bought a phone charger with a camera installed in it, to spy on Lauren while she’s at work. Yikes.

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Although he watched on his laptop as Lauren turned down Josh’s advances, saying she ‘could never be like her dad’ (who famously cheated on her mum Tanya many a time back in the day), he still hates the fact that Lauren lies to him and tries to act like she never had feelings for Josh.

We all know she did, and that on a few occasions she was very close to cheating on Steven, even kissing Josh once, but luckily she remembered that not only has she got a (somewhat) reliable man waiting for her at home but that she couldn’t do to Steven what her dad did to her mum.

But then it all got even more twisted in last night’s episode when Steven ended up head-butting the wall in frustration at not knowing where Lauren is or what she’s up to, as she is acting suspiciously.

During the episode Lauren said she had to work late at the office, but then he caught her coming out of the cafe with her dad, so he confronted her to ask her why she lied, but she managed to weasel her way out as usual.

Then he lost track of where she went and the stalking app on his phone said she was in the Vic, but in fact her phone had been left there by Abi who was supposed to do Lauren a favour and get it unlocked. But she knew Steven would be tracking her sister, so she tried to throw him off the scent by leaving the phone in the pub.

Steven’s suspicions were then heightened when Johnny gave him the lost phone, and he ran round to Jack’s house to see if Lauren was there.

Max and Jack told him she wasn’t there when she was in fact hiding and Steven, who was on the verge of tears, went home where he started talking to himself a lot and getting more and more crazy by the second.

It was made even worse when Josh came to the house and said he had heard that Lauren had handed in her resignation. Of course that sparked Steven’s anger and worry even more because he has no idea what she’s up to, whether she’s planning to leave him, whether she wants to be with Josh…

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But at the end of episode, when he was banging his head against the wall in frustration at not knowing what Lauren was playing at, screaming “What are you doing?” viewers started to think his actions could turn even more sinister.

Because of his psychotic and violent tendencies (years ago he almost killed Jane by accidentally shooting her), fans of the show are convinced that he’s now going to go on a killing spree or even kill Lauren!

Fans have taken to Twitter to say: “Genuinely terrified that Steven is going to murder Lauren,” and “Steven’s going to mass murder the whole square.”

It appears he won;t go that far, but his plan to keep Lauren in his grasp is indescribably cruel.