EastEnders to recast Zoe Slater?

Is she heading back to Walford?

Zoe Slater left EastEnders in 2005 and rumours have since abounded that she might return one day.

But actress Michelle Ryan has spoken out and revealed she’ll never go back so the show should recast the character.

Zoe was at the centre of one of the soap’s most iconic storylines when she discovered her sister, Kat Moon, was actually her mother.

As they fought in the middle of the Square, Zoe memorably shouted out: “You ain’t my mother!” To which Kat responded: “Yes I am!”

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Zoe left the show to start a new life in Spain, and the last we heard she wanted nothing to do with her mum.

Kat and husband Alfie have gone to Ireland in search of Kat’s long-lost son, and Zoe’s secret twin brother, and are set to star in spin off show, Redwater, about their quest to find him.

It’s unknown whether they will return to Walford once the series has aired, but if they do, and they have found Kat’s child, surely a reunion between him and Zoe is on the cards?

However, speaking to the Daily Star, Michelle revealed she’s not interesting in going back to the show that made her famous.

“It’s not part of my life any more,” she said. “I won’t be going back.”

But she did lend her support to the idea of someone else playing the character: “I feel it would be the right thing to recast the role.

“There will be actresses out there that are desperate for that break.”

Michelle headed to Hollywood when she quit the soap, where she won the lead role in a remake of Bionic Woman. The show was cancelled after just one season and she has since starred in some independent films.

EastEnders have been known to recast in the past. Most recently they brought in a new Michelle Fowler, who has had mixed reviews from fans.

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Some believe she just needs time to settle into what was such a legendary role, but others claim they will never take to “fake” Michelle.

Other recasts have included Michelle’s brother, Martin Fowler, and his return has been much more warmly received.

But how would we take to a new Zoe Slater?