EastEnders star speaks out about shock exit: “It’s a strange time”

She's finding life strange outside Albert Square

You may have heard that EastEnders is having a shake-up at the moment.

New soap boss Sean O’Connor is changing it up and more than a dozen characters are leaving Albert Square, whether they want to or not.

Samantha Womack, who plays Ronnie, is one of those that has been culled and she has spoken out about what life is like since leaving the BBC soap.

She has admitted that it’s a “strange time” for her as she adjusts to the prospect of looking for new roles to take on.

Samantha has revealed that she might return to an old role though, in a bid to find some familiarity in her work.

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Talking to the Daily Star, Samantha said: “A lot of the things I’ve been attracted to have been the opposite of Ronnie.

“I was looking at re-runs of Babes in the Wood the other day, and everyone’s saying, ‘It’s the comeback season, you should bring it back’.

“I was watching online thinking, ‘Yeah, it would be nice to bring it back and do it again’.

“Mainly I just need to remember what it’s like to be outside of the EastEnders family.

“It’s a job – it has to have an end at some time.

“I’ve done many things over the years, but I never had the opportunity to have complete freedom.

“It’s a strange time for me and it’ll be even stranger filming the last scenes.”

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Samantha was full of praise for her on-screen sister. Rita Simons plays Roxy Mitchell and despite spending so many hours together, it seems that the pair never fell out.

Samantha revealed: “I’ve probably spent more time with that one individual than I have with any of my family working together 14 hours away, and we’ve never had an argument.”

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