EastEnders star reveals Karen’s vulnerable side as family’s secrets start coming out

Lorraine Stanley says Karen isn't just a loudmouth nightmare

Karen Taylor has certainly been anything but shy and retiring since she arrived in Walford.

And that music blaring out of the Taylors’ flat is enough to drive anyone potty.

But EastEnders newcomer Lorraine Stanley, who plays EastEnders newest matriarch, has insisted there’s more to her alter ego than just being an annoying neighbour.

Speaking to Inside Soap Lorraine revealed: “I can imagine Karen is your worst nightmare, she’s a strong woman and is aggressive for her kids if she needs to be.”

That’s definitely true, just look at how she went into bat for Keegan when he lied that he’d had sex with Louise Mitchell when she was too drunk to remember.

But Lorraine has promised that definitely isn’t all there is to her character.

“Karen also has a heart of gold, and when her vulnerability comes through, your really feel for her. She’s the sort that would give you her last fiver.”

Although we don’t know much about them, we do know they’re harbouring some secrets (who isn’t in Walford?!) and as they become a bigger part of the community, something is set to come out about daughter Bernadette.

Despite rubbing most of the neighbours up the wrong way – especially when she thumped Sharon Mitchell one and argued with Stacey Fowler, and then squaring up to Denise and Kush over her son Keegan Baker, Karen is determined to get a job locally.

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She hits up those who she hasn’t annoyed beginning with Mick and Shirley in The Vic. They’re not hiring and send her on her way.

So she heads to the Minute Mart and tries there, but again, it’s a no.

Her last port of call is Ian Beale, who gives her short shrift, causing her to lose her rag completely at him.

Later though, Karen’s in the Square when she helps Jane out with something and the pair strike up a bond. Karen gives her tips on claiming benefits and even invites herself back to the Beales’ for a cup of tea!

Ian’s not best pleased when he comes home and finds the woman who lost her temper at him in his house, but Karen turns on the charm and manages to wangle a job as a cleaner at Beales’ restaurant.

But in spite of this turn up for the books, Karen soon finds herself worried about daughter Bernadette.

Bernie’s been skipping school and behaving rather oddly. Although Karen just sends her home with a flea in her ear, it’s clear the mum’s starting to worry there’s something else going on.

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As Bernadette continues to insist she’s ill and that’s why she’s not at school, Karen is getting increasingly suspicious.

When more truths come to light, Karen is stunned at what’s really going on with her daughter and it’s definitely something that’s very worrying for the mum.

It soon becomes clear the problems they’re facing are mounting. Is their past coming back to haunt them?

Can Karen keep her family together? Or are the Taylors going to fall apart?

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