EastEnders SPOILER: Whitney turns to Woody after shocking Lee news

Could romance be on the cards for Whitney and Woody?

It looks like there could be passion lined up for Whitney Carter and Woody Woodward in EastEnders next week, when Whit receives some shocking new from estranged husband, Lee.

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Lee left Walford in February are sinking into depression, running up huge debts and even organising a robbery at the Vic.

Since then, Whit has mostly had her eye on her father-in-law, Mick (Danny Dyer), but with Mick away and Woody’s cheeky charm irresistible, could the pair hook up?

Whit is left reeling next week when an unexpected visit from Lee’s mate, Moose, brings news about Lee.

We can’t reveal what he has to say, but we can tell you it knocks Whitney for six. And guess who’s on hand to pick up the pieces?

Woody goes along with Whitney to collect Ollie for his birthday party and she ends up opening up to him.

But will he end up providing more than just a shoulder to cry on?

Woody’s already provided, ahem, comfort to Tina Carter after she struggled to deal with the aftermath of Sylvie’s death.

Is he trying to work his way around the Carter women, or is it just a very special brand of sympathy he provides?

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Elsewhere, fans have been speculating that all isn’t what it seems with the Walford newcomer, played by Blue star Lee Ryan.

It’s a popular theory that Woody is working in cahoots with Max to bring Walford to its knees!

Just don’t hurt our Whitney, Woodster, she’s had more than enough heartbreak for one lifetime.