EastEnders SPOILER: Steven catches Lauren out?

She's not exactly covering her tracks well

Her relationship with Steven Beale has been lacking excitement for months, so Lauren Branning continues to find it elsewhere.

As she becomes increasingly more tempted to cheat on him with Josh the photocopier guy, is Steven finally about to realise something isn’t right?

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After Lauren enjoyed a meal with Josh, in which he persuaded her to apply for a job at his company, it’s clear there’s a connection between these two.

And despite Whitney’s warning that she should be focusing on fixing her failing relationship, the thrill of sneaking around is clearly far too appealing for Lauren to listen to her mate.

Steven, and his preoccupation with his family, are boring Lauren to tears, and Josh seems young, fun and energetic in comparison. But we’re not convinced he’s all he seems to be…

Anyway, when Lauren decides to plan yet another night out, Steven starts to notice this is becoming an all-too frequent occurrence. As is the fact she’s getting very dressed up every time she goes out.

This time she tells him she’s going out with Whitney again, but is it actually just another excuse to bump into Josh?

Steven gets more than a little hacked off when later in the week she once more plans a big evening on the town with Abi and Whitney.

Lauren tries to appease him, but her mind is obviously elsewhere. Will Steven realise it’s with Josh?

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And if he does find out what she’s been up to, how will he react? Would it be a blessing in disguise, freeing him from the relationship?

Or can he genuinely not see he’s ridiculously boring and Lauren needs more?

Is her relationship with Steven doomed? Would she be better off cutting all ties with him now before she ends up cheating on him?

Or is Whitney right? Should Lauren ditch Josh and focus on Steven?

Which guy is going to make Lauren happy in the long run?