EastEnders spoiler: Steven and Lauren spilt up?

Will Lauren work out what Steven has been up to?

Lauren Branning must have been the last person in the country to realise the sickness bug she’s been suffering from is actually Steven’s baby.

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Last night viewers saw the mum-of-one take a pregnancy test and look horrified when it was positive.

Viewers also know that scheming Steven has been trying to get his girlfriend up the duff, by piercing holes in his condoms.

Steven is jealous as Lauren seems far more interested in her new job (and boss) than she does in him and Louie.

He sabotaged the birth control in an attempt to get her to be the stay-at-home wifey he wants. Nice.

But things look set to take a turn next week when Lauren confides in Stacey Fowler – will she reveal that becoming a mum again is the last thing she wants?

(Let’s just take a moment here to remind ourselves that Stacey broke up Lauren’s parents’ marriage by having an affair with Max btw.)

Lauren quickly realises the impact the pregnancy will have on her career when Josh notices she’s feeling unwell and sends her home before her big presentation.

Steven tries to soother her, telling her it doesn’t matter but Lauren soon snaps and shares some harsh words with her controlling boyfriend.

Lauren’s twisted sister Abi soon becomes involved in the drama too. Last night saw Abi take a shine to Josh and we’ve already seen her wind Steven up about Lauren ‘working late.’

As Steven helps Abi plan her 21st birthday, she soon realises things are not right between the couple. And if we know Abi like we think we know Abi, she won’t hesitate in using it to her advantage.

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And what will happen when Lauren works out that Steven has been deliberately trying to get her pregnant?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end for her and Steven. Let’s hope so because he sure gives us the creeps.

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