SPOILER: First picture of Mick’s return to EastEnders

Prepare foe action as Mick returns to Albert Square ....

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Oh, how we’ve missed Mick Carter on EastEnders.

It’s just not been the same without him, has it?

The Queen Vic EastEnders
The Vic has been a lot quieter without Mick around (Credit: BBC)

Sure, there’s been lots of drama in the Square, as well as newcomers like Lee Ryan rocking up as temporary pub manager Woody Woodward!

But there’s only no one like Mick Carter and only one Danny Dyer!

Who’d have thought we’d miss the old goat, eh?

But the good news news is he is set to return to our screens in the news few weeks.

Mick is back where he belongs, but he looks a lot different. (Credit: BBC)

And is it just us or does Mick look a little bit, er, calmer than before.

In fact, he looks decidedly geeky.

Just check out those specs! We hardly recognised him.

Well, we did, but they’re a new look for him, right?

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Has he been to a Harry Potter convention while he’s been away with daughter Nancy after her accident? Who knows, but it certainly looks like it?

Will Mick find out what’s been going on while he’s been a way? (Credit: BBC)

Well, we will find out everything when he finally returns to Albert Square on May 19!

That’s next week folks!

From what we can see from the new picture of Danny sitting pretty at the table in the Vic, it looks the gobby cockney might have discovered that the pub’s freehold was recently sold to raise money to repair the pub after the ceiling caved in, almost killing Lady Di in the process.

Mick is reunited with the mail – but hat;s been going on while he was away? (Credit: BBC)

But will he discover that mum Shirley forged his signature to make the sale?

Whatever happens, we know he won’t just slip back into the Square unnoticed.

In fact, Lee Ryan recently revealed that no sooner has Mick returned he and Woody are at each other’s throats so we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

Lee Ryan says that Woody and Mick will clash upon his return (Credit: BBC)

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As you all know, Danny has been out of service for a while after show runners told him to take a break after overdoing it onto party scene.

Danny flew out to South Africa for a few weeks of convalescence and hanse return looking and supposedly feeling healthier than ever.

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