EastEnders SPOILER: Michelle’s secret leads to a HUGE disaster

The fallout is set to be massive

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EastEnders have been teasing us about the reveal of Michelle Fowler’s illicit affair with student Preston Cooper for weeks.

After releasing a rather artsy trailer last week, with the pair of them kissing in a storm-soaked Square watched by the locals including Bex and Martin Fowler, we knew the reveal wasn’t far away.

And now we know it’s coming next week as Michelle struggles under the pressure of Preston’s return.

He’s back on the Square and wanting to make a go of their relationship – he even takes her to an American diner to remind her of how good things were in Florida.

But it all goes horribly wrong and the pair break up again.

With Michelle really feeling the pressure of Dennis’s blackmail as well as everything else, the last thing she needs is for Preston to go back to her niece, Bex.

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They’ve already slept together once, with Preston using the schoolgirl to make Michelle jealous. But now he’s decided to pursue a fully fledged relationship with Bex to make Michelle feel even worse.

Michelle does her absolute best to keep Preston and Bex apart, but she’s not successful, and it finally makes her crack.

As her affair secret is revealed in dramatic fashion, Martin, Stacey, Bex, and the rest of Walford are completely shocked.

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The truth being out there does nothing to ease the pressure Michelle’s under, and as it gets even worse, she does something that she’s definitely going to regret.

The consequences of her actions reach far and wide throughout the Square, but who’s set to suffer the most?

Heartbroken Bex is already struggling with the bullies, and now she’s got to deal with the news her boyfriend has been dating her aunt. Will she take revenge on Michelle in devastating fashion?

And will Martin stick up for his sister or take his daughter’s side?

The repercussions are set to be felt for weeks to come, but will anyone forgive Michelle for the way she’s behaved?

It’s set to be a week of episodes not to be missed. Is Michelle going to be left completely alone?