EastEnders SPOILER: Michelle LEAVES to be with Preston?

She's not learnt from her mistakes then

The Fowler family are in tatters after last week’s dramatic revelation about Michelle’s affair with student Preston Cooper.

Sharon Mitchell swept in on Friday and made sure Preston departed never to return, but when Michelle finds out what her friend has done this week, she decides she has to be with her young lover.

Preston returned to America after Sharon booked him a flight and told him he was never Michelle’s lover he was her “cancer”. Martin drove him to the airport and off he went without even saying goodbye to ‘Chelle.

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As the week begins, Michelle is still in hospital and has no idea Preston has gone. When she insists she wants to call him, Sharon’s forced to come clean about chasing the youngster away.

Michelle’s distraught and tells her friend in no uncertain terms to leave her alone.

When she’s discharged from hospital, Michelle has calmed down a little, but informs Sharon she’s planning to go back to Florida to find Preston and work their relationship out.

Desperate to stop her making a huge mistake, Sharon tries to talk her friend out of it, but will Michelle heed her warnings?

Whether or not she decides to leave, Michelle does know one thing: she needs to make it up with her family.

After Bex found out about Michelle’s affair with Preston, the youngster confronted her aunt in front of the packed Vic and ‘Chelle was left with no choice but to confess.

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The revelation sparked a chain of events that culminated in Michelle crashing through the chippy window having mixed sleeping pills with wine. Kush and Kathy were in there at the time.

Fortunately, no one was killed, but Michelle’s certainly got a lot of explaining to do now.

She persuades Bex to hear her out, but as she begs for forgiveness, Bex isn’t sure she can move on after her aunt betrayed her when she was already so vulnerable.

And with Martin also fuming with his sister still, can Michelle persuade him she’s sorry?

Things don’t get any better for her when Ian confronts her about the damage at the chippy. And then the police call her in to make a statement about the crash.

With the walls closing in around her, has Michelle burnt too many bridges to stay in Walford? Would her best bet be to leave and find Preston? Or will she realise she has to stay, face the music, and forget about Preston once and for all?