EastEnders SPOILER: Michelle goes on a date with her stalker!

She agrees to go on a date with the man she keeps meeting on the tube

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There’s nothing quite like a fellow commuter breaking out into a nosebleed to light the fires of attraction. At least there isn’t to Michelle Fowler.

Is Michelle in danger? (credit: BBC)

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Next week, life looks like taking an interesting turn for Michelle as she ends up going on a date with Nosebleed Man.

For those who don’t know, Nosebleed Man is the guy ‘Chelle gave a tissue to when he suffered a spontaneous nasal bleed on the tube (bet he was picking it behind his free paper.)

Since then, the pair have bumped into each other numerous times on their daily commute. Unknown to Michelle though, her rush hour crush has been secretly following her and taking snaps. Creepy.

Her rush hour crush isn’t all he seems (credit: BBC)

Michelle has also confessed to Sharon that she quite fancies a bit of Nosebleed Man.

Anyway, things shift up a gear next week when Tom (for that is Nosebleed Man’s real name) asks Michelle out on a date.

‘Chelle’s world has recently been rocked as she received divorce papers through the post from her estranged husband, Tim.

The pair go for drinks – but with Tom clearly not being all he seems, will this be another romantic disaster for Michelle?

We don’t know what Tube Man Tom is up to, but we can’t imagine it being anything good.

Is he somehow connected to her past? Or just an admirer with a decidedly unhealthy obsession?

Is Michelle in for more heartache? (credit: BBC)

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Whoever he is, we can be sure that Michelle is dicing with danger by going on a date with him.

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