EastEnders SPOILER: Linda Carter is BACK but will she find out about Mick and Whitney?

She's not hugely happy when she returns to her pub

She’s been gone since Christmas Eve, except for one quick visit, but as Linda Carter returns to EastEnders next week, does she really have any idea how bad things have got for her family?

She’s definitely shocked when she meets Fi Browning, but it’s not just Linda’s livelihood that’s been affected – her marriage to Mick is on shaky ground too.

Linda’s been off nursing mum Elaine after she suffered a stroke. But it’s time for her to return to The Vic just in time for her 40th birthday bash.

Mick is throwing himself full throttle into organising the celebrations – to cover his guilt over his illicit snog with Whitney Carter, perhaps?

Pink feather boas weren’t quite what Mick had in mind (Credit: BBC)

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Getting the family together, Mick assigns Tina on decoration duties, but her offering of sparkly tiaras and pink feather boas weren’t quite what Mick had in mind for his beloved L.

Taking matters into his own hands, he gets everything just the way he wants it and waits for his wife’s return. Shirley can see he’s on edge though, and wonders if it’s about the whole Whit situation.

Shirley thinks Mick is acting guilty (Credit: BBC)

Annoyingly for Mick, Fi arrives just before Linda, so when Linda gets home she finds another woman behind her bar – and she ain’t impressed.

“While Linda was complicit in signing over the freehold of The Vic, she had no idea that Fi now has her feet well and truly under the table,” a Walford source explained to Inside Soap.

What will Linda think of Fi? (Credit: BBC)

But that’s not the only thing Linda’s going to discover as she takes in all the changes that have taken place in her absence.

Putting on a smile and heading to her rightful place behind the bar, Linda fronts it out. But once everyone’s gone home, it’s a very different story for her and Mick.

Linda greets her punters with a smile (Credit: BBC)

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As they go upstairs to talk, what will she say about the state of her beloved parrot wallpaper that Mick tore off in a rage?

And is that the only thing she has to worry about? Will Mick be forced to come clean about his kiss with Whitney in the interests of being honest and open?

Is Linda going to flip about her parrots? (Credit: BBC)

We know the soap are planning a special Mick, Linda and Whitney three-hander episode, so we’d say it’s likely Linda will find out sooner rather than later that something went on.

Is this the beginning of the end for Mick and Linda?