EastEnders SPOILER: Kush arrested after defending Denise

He intervenes after spotting a confrontation between Denise and Keegan

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Kush Kazemi comes to Denise Fox’s rescue when his ex has yet ANOTHER run in with that troublesome teen, Keegan Baker.

Will Kush’s knight in shining armour efforts bring the former couple together? (credit: BBC)

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Keegan – who has just been revealed as part of the new Taylor family – threatens to call the police after clashing with Denise again.

Kush is in the park with Arthur, happily enjoying his birthday with his son, when he notices something unfolding between Denise and Keegan.

He jumps onto his white horse to intervene, and tries to appease the angry youngster, knowing that if the police are called, it could be disastrous for Denise who’s already been in trouble for hitting Keegan.

Keegan just can’t keep out of trouble (credit: BBC)

We’re not totally sure what goes down, but judging by this picture of Kush going for a dip in the pond, we’re going to guess that Keegan has something to do with Pearl’s toy ending up in the water.

Kush steps in to rescue Pearl’s toy (credit: BBC)

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Later, Kush is touched when Denise leaves him a birthday present – but his good mood doesn’t last for long when the police arrive at his door, wanting to talk to him about the incident with Keegan.

What has the teen tearaway said and just how much trouble is Kush in?

Kush soon feels ramifications from what happened and as the police question Keegan about the incident too, he worries about everything he stands to lose.

Will the incident drive the former lovers further apart – or is it just the thing to bring them back together?

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