EastEnders SPOILER: Jack and Glenda to get passionate?

Surely Jack's got more class than that...

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Please no – EastEnders Jack Branning and Glenda Mitchell are rumoured to be about to get passionate in the wake of Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell’s deaths. Eww!

It’s not exactly the politest way to grieve the passing of your wife or daughter, but it seems Jack and Glenda living together is going to have consequences that even they didn’t foresee.

We raised an eyebrow slightly when Jack asked Glenda to move in with him and help him raise the kids – after all, the pair have never exactly got on.

But with Glenda threatening to take little Matthew away, Jack really had no choice but to join forces or lose the lad.

It’s not all been happy families so far with Jack escaping to The Vic for some peace from his mother-in-law.

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However, there’s no doubt Glenda’s doing all sorts of good. She’s got the kids back into Walford Primary, and she’s on hand to support Jack whenever he needs.

And boy, it looks like he’s going to need it when the inquest into Ronnie and Roxy’s death leaves him fuming.

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Meanwhile, Glenda is trying her best to be a good gran, and she reaches out to Amy when the youngster comes to an upsetting realisation.

But when Jack finds out about what Glenda’s done, he’s fuming. As everything comes to a head, the tension boils over.

And fans think it’ll spill over into the bedroom!

It’s more his brother Max’s style to bed women at inappropriate times than Jack’s, but he does have a thing for the Mitchell women – Ronnie, Roxy, Sam and Mitchell-by-marriage Sharon, so why not Glenda?

After Whitney and Mick’s sneaky snog last week, nothing EastEnders does will surprise us any more.