EastEnders SPOILER: Dot’s horror fall – will she survive?

They cannot kill off Mrs B

Surely EastEnders wouldn’t be so cruel as to get rid of lovely Dot Branning?

It’s not looking good for her when she suffers a horrific fall at home, will she make it through?

Dot’s preparing for Patrick Trueman’s birthday when it happens. She’s rushing round at home trying to make sure she isn’t late when she trips over her cat, Dave, and goes flying to the ground.

Dot falls and no one hears her cries for help (Credit: BBC)

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Unable to move and all alone, Dot has to wait for help.

But when Patrick calls round and doesn’t hear her cries for rescue, it’s not looking good for anyone to arrive and save her.

Thankfully, just in the nick of time, Sonia Fowler comes back to the Square and calls round to see Dot.

Sonia and Robbie arrive in the nick of time to save her (Credit: BBC)

She’s horrified to find Dot on the floor and quickly calls an ambulance. Dot is rushed to hospital, but at least she’s conscious – that’s got to be good news, surely?

Sonia is furious with the residents that no one has been looking after Dot (er, where’s she been?) and it’s not long before word reaches the Square on news of Dot’s condition.

Dot’s taken to hospital (Credit: BBC)

It turns out Dot has damaged her hip and will need an operation to fix it. Sounds painful.

Patrick’s horrified that he didn’t rescue Dot when he called round, but the blame game is no good to anyone. At least Dot’s survived the fall.

Robbie, Sonia and Patrick wait at the hospital to check Dot’s okay (Credit: BBC)

And will this be the kick Sonia needs to come home for good? It seems like she was already planning that – and she’s brought her brother Robbie with her too.

He’s the new market inspector and is set to ruffle more than a few feathers with his officious ways.

Jack visits Dot – will he realise he has to do more? (Credit: BBC)

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Let’s hope having some more family around her will give Dot the strength to make it through the operation and back to full health – and that her family and friends start taking better care of her from now on.