EastEnders SPOILER: Did Keegan assault Louise?

He's saying they slept together, but she doesn't remember anything...

EastEnders Louise Mitchell is the latest victim of vicious rumours being spread around the school about her.

Keegan Baker is saying they slept together at the house party where Louise was so drunk she ended up hospitalised.

Louise is denying it ever happened, but he seems to know intimate details about her, begging the question: did he sexually assault her when she was too out of it to consent?

Keegan’s telling everyone he bedded Louise (Credit: ITV)

Happily loved up with Travis, Louise thinks all her Christmas’s have come at once as she and her beau prepare to star in the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet together.

But an altercation with Keegan at the bus stop in last night’s episode saw a chain of events spiral out of Louise’s control.

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Travis riled up Keegan, which made him start the rumour in the first place (Credit: BBC)

Viewers will remember Louise had her drink spiked at a house party bullies Alexandra and Madison tricked the Mitchell lass into having.

As she was downing what she believed were non-alcoholic cocktails, Louise offered to show Keegan where the toilet was and they went upstairs together.

Lou had no idea there was alcohol in the cocktails (Credit: BBC)

It now seems Keegan’s alleging they slept together whilst up there.

Despite the fact Louise denies that this ever happened, Keegan has revealed all about a birthmark on a part of her body that he’d only have been able to see if the pair had been intimate together.

As Alexandra and Madison stirred the pot even further, suggesting they believed Keegan rather than Louise, Lou was left wondered what really happened to her that night.

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Louise doesn’t know what to believe (Credit: BBC)

We know the rumours are set to increase and a distraught Louise is set to turn to Bex Fowler for support. But will the truth come out?

Is it all a nasty lie to make Louise’s life difficult? Have Alexandra and Madison seen the birthmark in the school changing rooms and passed the info on to Keegan to use against Lou?

Or did he take advantage of a very drunk Louise and force himself on her? Keegan’s capable of some really bad things, but is that a step too far even for him?

What really happened that night?

Sharon goes into battle for Louise (Credit: BBC)

One thing’s for sure, when Sharon Mitchell gets involved later this week fireworks are set to fly.

Louise finally finds the courage to confide in her stepmum, and Shazza goes straight round to confront Keegan. But what will she discover?

Has Louise lost her virginity without even knowing about it? And if it’s really true, then Keegan’s going to find this backfiring on him massively if she decides to go to the police about her ordeal.