EastEnders SPOILER: Denise’s sad secret pushes her to the limit

There are some dark times ahead for Denise as her financial situation grows worse

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Poor Denise Fox, she’s only just found love with Kush Kazemi and already a heartbreaking secret looks set to ruin their fledgling romance.

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Denise finds her financial situation in dire straits next week, when she can’t even afford to feed herself.

Is there anyone on Albert Square not struggling with money at the moment? Where’s Janine and her millions when you need her?

Fans know that D recently quit her job at the Minute Mart, but she’s struggled to find a job anywhere else.

Denise’s pride makes her hide her sad secret from her family and new boyfriend, leaving Kush worried that she’s going off him.

She throws all her energy into studying for her GSCE exams and finding work, leaving Kush increasingly frustrated.

He thinks Denise is choosing revision over spending time with him, not knowing the real reason why his new love is being distant.

Kim begins to realise there’s something wrong with her sister when she asks her to return a small amount of cash she borrowed ages ago.

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And when Denise backs out of their family holiday plans, Kim’s brain kicks into gear. Which is an event in itself.

Kim questions Kush on Denise’s odd behaviour and he decides he’s going to get to the bottom of the problem.

But will she open up? It’s not looking likely as recent pictures have shown Denise visiting a food bank.

Denise love, get yourself along to the cafe. When did you last actually see someone pay for anything in there anyway?

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