EastEnders SPOILER: Concern for Denise as she takes drastic action

Denise's money woes are getting more serious - why won't she ask for help?

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Poor Denise has been trying to keep her money worries to herself, but a big argument with Kim next week threatens to blow her secret up.

Kim organises a celebration dinner to mark Patrick’s return. And, as celebration dinners tend to go in Walford, it ends up with a row before dessert is even served.

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Kim is determined to find out what’s going on with her big (non)sister, but when she confronts her, it just turns into a blazing argument.

Fans will see Denise go to drastic lengths to get some cash after she quit her job at the Minute Mart.

And, by the end of the week, even Sharon has a go at sticking her oar in, paying Denise a visit to make sure she’s ok.

It doesn’t take long for Shazza to realise that Denise is hiding something, but when Denise insists she’s fine, Sharon leaves.

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How long will Denise keep her money woes to herself?

Denise’s pride has already put her relationship with Kush in jeopardy as her secretive behaviour has made him worry she’s going off him.

She’s also sparked worry with Kim already when she asked her l’il (non) sister to pay back a small amount of cash she lent her ages ago.

Denise has thrown herself into studying for her GSCEs as distraction and Kush has assumed she’d rather have her head in a book than spend time with him.

What will it take for Denise to reach out and ask her friends for help?

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