EastEnders SPOILER: Bullying plot to get worse for Louise

The bullies haven't stopped their vendetta

The EastEnders bullies, Madison and Alexandra, have been a bit quiet of late.

But if we thought they’d given up their vendetta since Louise’s alcohol poisoning incident, we’re very wrong.

Actress Tilly Keeper has revealed it’s set to get worse for Louise before it gets any better.

The bullies started out victimising Bex Fowler. They made her life a living hell with set-ups including making her think she was eating poo and writing ‘Dirty’ on her forehead.

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In the end, it took Sonia Fowler to come back and challenge the school for something to be done, and Alexandra and Madison have since turned their attentions to Louise.

Louise’s fateful mistake was when she made friends with Bex again having originally joined the bullies’ gang.

While the girls are still pretending they’re friends with Lou, they’re actually plotting to make her life difficult behind her back.

They framed Louise’s love interest, Travis, for spiking Louise’s drink and making her collapse with alcohol poisoning, but actually it was them plying her with booze while she thought she was drinking non-alcoholic cocktails.

Things have gone a bit quiet lately, but according to Tilly, that won’t last.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she revealed: “You’ll have to wait and see.

“Lots of people have been saying: ‘Why can’t end now? It’s been going on too long’, but bullying can go on for years and unfortunately that’s the sad truth of it. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

“Louise is afraid of what other people think of her. She is too insecure to speak up through fear of being turned on herself. But she should have spoken up. What’s the worst they can do?”

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Well, in fairness, they’ve already proved it can be pretty bad.

So how much more can they subject her to before someone stops them? And what will it take for them to give up their vendetta?