EastEnders SPOILER: Bex targeted by the bullies again

She thought they'd turned their attentions elsewhere

Bex Fowler finds herself the target of bullies Alexandra and Madison once again at the school showcase in EastEnders – when will someone take them on?

Things seem to be looking up for Bex and Louise as they prepare for the showcase, with Travis desperate to reunite with Louise after he didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt over sleeping with Keegan.

Travis wants love advice from Shakil and Bex (Credit: BBC)

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He asks Bex and Shakil to help him win Lou back, which they agree to try and do, but they tell him it has to start with a big apology from him.

However later on, Alexandra overhears Bex talking about her and swears to Madison that she will get her revenge.

As the day of the showcase arrives, Bex is nervously preparing for her big musical moment, but Louise is nowhere to be seen – where is she?

Bex is getting wound up by the bullies (Credit: BBC)

Turns out, she’s been forced to stay home and babysit Denny after she took the blame for him over having cigarettes.

He returns the favour of her cover up by urging her to sneak out and go to the school concert.

She arrives backstage just in time to encourage Bex.

With her friends to support her, what can go wrong? (Credit: BBC)

Shaki’s there too, working backstage on the lighting and sound, so Bex is surrounded by all the people she loves and needs.

But Alex and Mads are constantly on her case, making snide comments and winding Bex up.

Will Madison’s revenge go too far? (Credit: BBC)

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Determined to ruin her big moment, the bullies are definitely plotting something, especially seeing the united bond Bex, Louise and Shakil are all sharing.

When they both lash out at Bex, have they finally gone too far? Will someone step in and do something about them?

Are the bullies about to get their comeuppance at last?