EastEnders SPOILER: Are Mick and Whitney going to get together?

They're certainly growing closer in the new trailer

EastEnders fans aren’t going to be pleased by the latest hints the spring trailer has dropped – it looks like Mick and Whitney Carter are going to get closer than ever before.

They have already confirmed they’re going to be revisiting the connection between the pair after Whitney phoned Mick last night.

She had just received a visit from estranged husband Lee’s mate Moose, who revealed Lee wanted a divorce.

Whit was devastated and immediately went upstairs to call Mick and tearfully leave a message telling him she “needed him”.

Why is Whitney looking at expensive jewellery? (Credit: BBC)

We know Mick is due back next Friday, and it looks like Whitney’s going to get herself in trouble before then, dolling herself up to the nines and heading into town, where she stares at some expensive looking jewellery.

But she’s forgotten her purse and Woody’s on the way to give it to her. He’s set to see something huge when he arrives, but what? Is she going to steal the jewellery to make herself feel better? It wouldn’t be the first time she’s been a bit light fingered – remember when she stole Vincent’s credit card a few weeks ago? Has that thrill developed into something more?

Woody pushes Whit away when she tries to kiss him (Credit: BBC)

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She’s later seen trying to kiss him, but he pushes her away. We thought these two were going to get together – what’s happened to stop it? And will this send Whitney even further into despair?

Whatever happens, she’s in quite a mess in parts of the new trailer, ripping her fake fingernails off, and sobbing in front of the mirror.

Whitney’s spiralling out of control (Credit: BBC)

At one point, Mick comes up behind her in the kitchen and we hear him say: “I really missed you.”

There’s just something about his tone that makes us feel uncomfortable. It’s a little bit too familiar.

Mick is all Whitney wants (Credit: BBC)

In another shot he’s seen hugging her – has their relationship moved on?

Something makes Shirley very mad with Whitney in one shot – she’s seen grabbing her by the hair and screaming at her in the mirror. This is all seeming more and more suspicious – has Shirley found something out about Whitney and Mick?

Shirley teaches Whitney a lesson (Credit: BBC)

Linda is also back in the clip, and she’s not looking impressed with something. Could it be Lisa Faulkner’s Fi Browning being behind her bar? Or is it something to do with Whitney and Mick?

For all Mick cares about Whit, we reckon as soon as his L walks back into his life, he wouldn’t even think twice about his daughter-in-law.

Linda’s back and she’s not impressed (Credit: BBC)

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Let’s just hope things don’t go too far before Linda gets back.

The full trailer is here for so you can make your own mind up about Mick and Whitney’s relationship.