EastEnders Shirley Carter to STAY in prison after frenzied attack?

Did she do it on purpose?

Last week saw the dramatic death of Sylvie Carter, but if the family thought Shirley Carter would be released from prison to help with the funeral plans and grieving process, they might have another thing coming.

Shirley was due to be released at the end of the week after serving time for Aunt Babe’s alcohol at breakfast scam.

It’s continued to be an eventful time for the family while she’s been inside, with Mick heading off to Bulgaria after daughter Nancy’s car accident, and Sylvie electrocuting herself and dying.

As Tina struggles to cope with the loss of her mum as well as clearing out all her stuff and planning the funeral, what she really needs is her big sister by her side.

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But when she visited Shirley in prison last night and broke the news about their mum passing away, Shirley barely reacted. When she did speak, it was only to say she thought it was better for everyone that Sylvie was dead as she had no life.

Tina was devastated and lashed out at Shirl, before storming out of the visiting room.

Later in her cell, Shirley lay on her bunk, clearly emotional over the loss of her mum, but not wanting her cellmate to see it.

But as her roomie started whinging about mothers and how useless they are, Shirley lost it and punched her in the stomach, before slapping her and pushing her to the ground, where she repeatedly kicked her.

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The violent attack was clearly a reaction to the news about Sylvie, but we don’t think the prison authorities will find much sympathy in that. Is she looking at a longer sentence because of her actions?

Fans certainly seem to think so, and expressed their upset on Twitter.

Could Elise be right? Did Shirley do it on purpose to stay inside to avoid having to deal with everything on the outside?

Whatever her reasons, most viewers were thrilled that Shirley finally remembered her Bad Girls roots.

Actress Linda Henry starred as Top Dog Yvonne Atkins in the prison-set drama before coming into EastEnders.