EastEnders reveals pregnancy shock for the Taylors – but who’s the daddy?

The shocking secret was revealed last night

EastEnders newcomer Bernadette Taylor seems to have been the quiet member of the family – well as far as you can be quiet in that family!

But in Monday night’s episode it was revealed she’s harbouring a shocking secret: she’s pregnant.

Mum Karen discovered the truth after adding up all her daughter’s strange behaviour and working it all out. And who said she wasn’t intelligent?

Bernie’s been skipping school because she feels sick and gorging herself on crisps – many pregnant women’s food of choice in the early weeks.

Bernadette insisted all the eating wasn’t her fault, she was just hungry (Credit: BBC)

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Karen had noticed something wasn’t right with her girl, but insisted she go to school.

But when the matriarch saw her walking around the Square, munching a bag of crisps instead of in lessons, she told her to get home and buck her ideas up.

After managing to bag herself a job with Ian Beale, due to an unexpected friendship with Jane, Karen returned home to celebrate with a takeaway.

Only when Bernadette didn’t touch her favourite prawn toast, instead opting to eat another bag of crisps, and then claimed the prawn toast “tasted funny”, Karen realised exactly what was going on.

It wasn’t long before Karen had worked out the truth (Credit: BBC)

“How many weeks pregnant are you?” she demanded her daughter answer as the duff duff’s sounded.

As next week rolls round Karen is still non-the-wiser about her girl’s pregnancy, with Bernadette refusing to name the father. Just why is she being so cagey?

The lack of information immediately makes Karen suspicious – what reason does Bernie have to keep schtum about her baby daddy?

Karen desperately wants her daughter to open up (Credit: BBC)

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An show insider told Inside Soap: “[Karen’s] scared what the future may look like for Bernadette and the baby, especially as they don’t have much money,

“But she’s most concerned about the toerag who got Bernadette pregnant, and why it’s a big mystery.”

Exactly. Why is it such a secret? Did something happen that Bernadette didn’t want to? Was she forced into having sex?

Or do we already know the person responsible? Keegan was on the Square for long time before we knew he was related to the Taylors, so it wouldn’t be much surprise if another Walford resident knew Bernadette and hadn’t ‘fessed up yet. But who could it be?