EastEnders responds to reports Danny Dyer set to be sacked

It's not the end for Danny or his character Mick Carter

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Everyone’s favourite cheeky chappy Danny Dyer has been the source of many rumours when it comes to his appearance, or lack thereof, on EastEnders. But the show’s spokespeople have denied the claims that new boss John Yorke was planning to sack him.

For months now Danny’s private life has caused a new rumour to surface every week, and although reports claimed recently that the much-loved Londoner feared for his job as former boss Sean O’Connor left and was replaced by John Yorke, a spokesperson for the soap told

“There is absolutely no truth in this story. Danny is a consummate professional and these alleged conversations have never taken place.”

Danny has been getting himself into a lot of trouble lately (Credit: FameFlynet)

Originally it was speculated that Danny was going to quit the show, but when those rumours were put to rest, it was reported that he confided to friends he feared being sacked due to the interest in his private life of late.

After worries for his mental health earlier this year, Danny was seen boarding a plane alone to South Africa in February and was written out of the soap for a while so he could “sort his life out”.

Reports suggested the BBC were worried for Danny’s health after fears that his drinking was getting out of control, and he was spotted looking a bit worse for wear at this year’s National Television Awards.

A BBC source voiced their concerns and said, “It was clear to onlookers he appeared very drunk at the NTAs. It’s best that he takes some time out to sort his life out. He appears to be exhausted.”

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So off Danny went to take some time off from work. His character Mick Carter, one of the soap’s key characters, was written out of the show for a while as Mick went to care for daughter Nancy after she had a car crash abroad.

Many said he returned from his trip seeming refreshed and just when it seemed things were going well, his tumultuous love life came to light as we all found out he had reportedly had a six-week fling with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding behind his wife’s back.

Sarah thought Danny was single when she had a six-week fling with him in 2012 (Credit: FameFlynet)

Only last month it was revealed that Danny and Sarah had an affair while filming a British comedy called Run For Your Wife in 2012, when he allegedly told her he was single. When she found out he was in fact still with his long-term partner (now wife) Joanne Mas, “She felt hurt and incredibly betrayed by him,” according to one of her friends.

After the news of the affair was revealed a source told the Mirror “Jo has been left humiliated by the reports over the weekend of Danny’s fling with Sarah.”

“The affair might have been years ago, but the reports and fact everyone’s talking about it now has been really tough on Jo.”

Danny and Joanne are childhood sweethearts (Credit: FameFlynet)

The source added, “It is fair to say their marriage is under serious pressure again. Jo has forgiven a lot of things Danny does, but it can’t go on forever.”

Oh Danny dearest, you really have been getting yourself into a lot of mischief haven’t you?

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Luckily for him, his wife is said to have forgiven him for the affair and wants to work through their troubles. The couple, who have three children together, are childhood sweethearts and got married in September 2016.

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