EastEnders plans “massively ambitious” upcoming plot

There are big times ahead for the soap

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EastEnders boss Sean O’Connor has given a rare interview about his plans for the show and revealed some exciting details.

Explaining that he’s planning something “crazily ambitious” he also talked about who would be involved.

The show has been a hot topic on social media for its boring storylines and most recently its inaccurate portrayal of Denise Fox’s money problems and trip to the Job Centre.

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But Sean has assured fans he’s got a long-term plan and we’ll start to see it paying off very soon.

Talking to about what’s coming up, he said:

“So, over the next few months, I guess what what I’m promising is an extraordinary ride – I am genuinely excited.

“It’s crazily ambitious – we’re pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Certainly for EastEnders, it’ll be game-changing.”

Okay, now he’s got our attention. The show has been crying out for some real drama for months.

Just what can we expect from this shake up? “What we are planning will be electric,” he revealed. “But I’m not going to say how! It will involve all of the main characters – both new and legacy characters. Nobody has been left out. We’re all very excited about it.”

Teasing fans even more, he went on to add:

“No show has ever attempted what we’re planning to do in the next few months. It’s massively ambitious – and crucially – it’s something that only EastEnders would or could do.”

One big plot we know is coming up is Max Branning’s revenge plan to destroy Walford and everyone who wronged him. This would certainly involve an awful lot of characters on the Square.

He’s already got the wheels turning at The Vic by persuading Shirley to sell the freehold to some business associates of his.

And his latest victim is his own brother, Jack. We’re not 100 per cent sure what Jack did to wrong him, but it’s probably got something to do with disowning Max when he went to prison.

So while Max is pretending to be Jack’s ally, he’s actually plotting behind his back to have Charlie Cotton take Matthew, destroying Jack’s family in the process.

If Max’s manipulation and revenge continues, and stretches out to even more of Walford, will it culminate in this “ambitious” storyline Sean’s got planned?

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Or will it be something completely different? Are the residents finally going to snap over the bins? Could there be a terror attack? Is The Queen Vic going to burn to the ground again?

Just what is planned to make life on Albert Square forever different?