EASTENDERS: Mick, Whitney and Linda to feature in their own episode

Viewers can expect things to get tense in the Carter household in a confrontational three-hander episode.

So Mick Carter is back in Albert Square, which has most definitely put a smile back on viewers’ faces.

But it doesn’t look like our favourite Queen Vic pub landlord has much reason to have a smirk on his lips at the moment.

And why not? Because producers are planning some real drama over the next few weeks that will be pretty heartrending for him and for us at home.

According to show runner Sean O’Connor, Mick, wife Linda and their son’s estranged wife Whitney are set to appear in a dramatic and emotional three-hander episode.

While it has not been revealed exactly what is to happen in the special episode, there are suggestions it could have something to do with Mick and Whitney’s relationship becoming more intense.

In a recently released trailer it was hinted that feelings between them may develop.

But as we’ve already seen over the past year or so, the relationship between Mick and Whitney has been tense when they shared a couple of kisses!

Could Linda return to the square and discover that something’s been going on again?

Er, probably.

Whatever happens, Sean is convinced that viewers will be hooked to the three-way episode and will be mostly impressed by the performance from the actress who plays Whitney.

“Shona McGarty as Whitney is absolutely incredible,” he told Metro recently. “She’s a wonderfully gifted actress – she can do pain like nobody’s business but she has such warmth and humour too.

“Wherever she is in a scene – if she is collecting glasses, or breaking her heart – the camera just loves her.

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“She has some huge episodes to come, including a showdown with Mick and Linda in the pipeline which will be a Carter three-hander where all of the emotions of the past few months will come crashing into the heart of the Square.

“It’s going to be fantastic.”

Oooh, we can’t wait.

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