EastEnders: Mick finally tells Linda he cheated – all hell breaks loose

Landlord confesses to his kisses with Whitney

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EastEnders looks set to be unmissable next week (and about time, too).

Mick Carter’s conscience finally gets the better of him and he confesses to cheating on Linda.

He’s been keeping his kisses with Whitney secret, but blurts out his infidelity when his missus pays a visit from Watford.

Whit and Mick snogged behind Linda’s back (Credit: BBC)

The soap has filmed a three-hander episode to break the news.

As Linda lets rip – course she does – he defensively points out all the things he’s had to deal with while she’s been away, reports the Mirror.

Linda hits the roof (Credit: BBC)

Their source adds: “It’s a proper humdinger. Can they come back from this? It’s impossible to tell.”

This explosive episode follows Whitney’s return to Walford, with the shock news she has got engaged. To Woody!

Woody and Whitney are ENGAGED (BBC)

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Whitney makes her big announcement tonight, leaving Mick more than a little bit flabbergasted.

Whit’s been seeing Woody since May, when Mick caught them in bed together – and thumped him.

But it seems he’s prepared to let bygones be bygones, as the couple hold their engagement party in the Vic – and he offers Whitney her job back.

We can’t help wondering if Whit has gone full steam into her relationship with Woody to try and bury her feelings for her pa-in-law.

Anyway, while we are pleased Mick is getting his naughtiness off his chest, there is a more pressing issue we really want clearing up.

Linda’s been sitting on her own big secret (Credit: BBC)

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What THE HELL is Linda’s secret… and will she also be in a sharing mood? (We bleedin’ hope so.)

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