EastEnders: Lives hang in the balance as bus rips through Square

11 characters at risk of death

EastEnders teased a major disaster and the soap delivered, as a runaway bus careered through Albert Square.

The double-decker vehicle ploughed through the market, destroying stalls and scattering people.

It’s not known yet what cost there is to human life, but rumours abound that some Walford favourite perish in the tragedy.

Mark Fowler was among the market stall holders in the Square when the bus struck – he was reeling from reports the council want to move their pitches to a new location.

On the bus, meanwhile, were his daughter Bex, Keegan, Denise Fox, Shakil Kazemi and Louise Mitchell.

The accident unfolded as the driver of the bus appeared to suffer a heart attack, thus losing control.

After destroying the market, the bus crashed into the bridge.

As well as the potential victims on the bus, there were numerous Walford favourites at risk on the ground.

Market inspector Carmel Kazemi, fruit’n’veg man Martin Fowler and clothes stall holder Donna Hubbard were all caught up in the terrifying incident.

Kush Kazemi, Johnny Carter and Honey Mitchell were also in the path of the out of control red bus.

 The disaster comes less than a month after Walford residents were rocked by the double death of sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell on New Year’s Day.

EastEnders continues Tuesday at 7.30pm.