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EastEnders legend Lisa Fowler makes shock return TONIGHT

How will the aftermath of the prom play out?

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EastEnders fans are in for treat tonight when an old face returns to Albert Square.

Louise Mitchell’s mother, Lisa Fowler – Lucy Benjamin – is making a return.

Remember her? Of course you do. She was the one who shot Phil Mitchell.

Lisa hasn’t been in Albert Square for some time (Credit: BBC)

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We last saw her on the show back in 2010, but now it seems she’s back.

Lisa had a tumultuous relationship with Phil – she even tried to kill him (Credit: BBC)

The Mirror reports she’s coming home to take care of her daughter after Louise was badly injured in horrific scenes at the school prom where bullies threw her into a table of candles.

After the incident, Louise is rushed to hospital and that’s when we will see Lisa again.

Tonight Lisa returns to the Square to take care of her daughter Louise who is in hospital (Credit: BBC)

“When that hospital door starts to open, they’ll be on tenterhooks to see who has rushed to help Louise,” a soap insider told the paper.

“When it turns out to be Lisa, rather than Phil, there will be gasps of shock.

Phil made Lisa’s life a misery when they were together (credit: BBC)

“It’s such a brilliant surprise.”

Er, well it isn’t now, as we’ve just spoilt it for you!

Lisa will reportedly remain in the Square for about a month and with Phil due to make his return to Walford next week, just imagine those fireworks!

In last night’s episode viewers saw Louise being pushed onto a table of candles by nasty bully Alexandra.

Louise was at the school prom but disaster struck (Credit: BBC)

As she stumbled across the table, the fire alarm sounded and the sprinklers suddenly went off, forcing the kids having a bop to leave the hall in a hurry.

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But the episode ended on a cliffhanger when Louise’s mate Bex Fowler was hurrying to leave the chaotic hall but turned back to see something (off camera) that horrified her!

What was it? All will be revealed in tonight’s EastEnders!