EastEnders KILLS Sylvie Carter in shock storyline

It was a heartbreaking end for the Carter matriarch

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EastEnders dealt the Carters another devastating blow when Sylvie Carter died last night.

It was no surprise that Sylvie was going to be killed off as the actors were spotted filming her funeral scenes recently. But the exact details of how and when she would go were kept a secret.

The end turned out to be pretty grisly as she was electrocuted when getting out of the bath.

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Viewers had been expecting either Michelle Fowler, Kush Kazemi, or Kathy Beale to die after a drugged-up Michelle drove a car into the front of the chippy. But in a twist, it was Sylvie who met her maker.

She’d at least had a good night beforehand. The family had thrown her a sixties party, she’d bought a pretty new dress and had her hair done by Stacey.

She’d laughed and danced around The Vic and was truly joyful before she went to bed.

But she was in a strange place and when she woke up a few hours later, she didn’t know where she was. Wandering around upstairs, she eventually found the bathroom, and seeing her favourite lilac bath salts on the side, she started to run a bath.

As she lay relaxing in it, she had music playing from the stereo by her side and was really happy singing along.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Tina was intending to go and check on her mum, but Whitney persuaded her to stay down and have a drink. That proved to be a big mistake when the lights went out.

Upstairs, Sylvie had electrocuted herself trying to turn the music back on. When Tina found her dead, we were fortunately spared the sight of Sylvie’s body, but Tina’s harrowing cry was all we needed to be in floods of tears ourselves.

Whitney rushed upstairs to comfort her as she sobbed over her mother’s death.

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It was quite a dark ending for the character and fans took to Twitter to express their upset.

But some people were more focused on what a brilliant job actress Linda Marlowe had done with the character.

They praised her performance last night, and throughout the whole storyline.

Opening up about Sylvie’s exit, Linda told Digital Spy:

“[Sylvie] was happy at the end. She was with the dog, singing to the music and having a bath. They were probably the happiest moments for Sylvie that I’ve had to film.”

And speaking about how Tina in particular will cope with Sylvie’s death, she said:

“I think Tina will be devastated. She will feel completely guilty because she was trying to deal with her mum and look after her.

“She didn’t have any help and she was having to leave Sylvie alone, and that’s what she was avoiding. Tina finally knew she had to get her into a home, but left it just that bit too late.

“I think it’ll have a tremendous impact on Tina.”