EastEnders favourite makes a brief return next week

She's a welcome face

The brilliant Pam Coker comes back to EastEnders next week to celebrate the relaunch of the funeral parlour.

Pam and husband Les had moved to the seaside to retire and left Billy Mitchell in charge of the business.

She returned a few weeks ago to break the news that Les had decided to make Billy a partner in the firm and now everything’s in place, celebrations are in order.

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As she helps Billy with the final touches to the business, including the unveiling of the new sign revealing it’s now called Coker & Mitchell, it’s not long before things don’t go to plan.

Billy is distraught when the sign isn’t what he was expecting.

Despite Jay and Honey’s best efforts to calm him down, Bill storms off, furious that his big moment has made him a laughing stock once again.

Poor Billy, will it ever go right for the hapless Mitchell?

Luckily Pam’s on hand to give him a talking to. Explaining that she knows he can make a success of the business, Billy isn’t so sure.

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Will her words be a comfort to him?

We don’t know about Billy, but we definitely miss Pam and Les’s presence in the Square, and we’re loving seeing her pop back in on a more regular basis.

Now we just have to hope that they decide a life of gardening and living by the sea is far less appealing than the East End of London and make a permanent return.

When they lived in Walford, they went through some huge drama, including the discovery that Les was a crossdresser and had an alter ego name Christine, and the tragic death of their grandson Paul.